What makes me feel good? The answer to this question is what leads us to the famous Danish feeling: hygge.

Simplicity and harmony – maybe these two words can describe best the characteristics of Danish interior design. And hygge is also based on these two traits.

Clean lines, natural materials and lights play a very important role in creating the feeling or experience that is hygge. They can transform a seemingly unfriendly environment into a warm, cosy place.

Danish people use the word hygge to describe this state of comfort, peace, and homeliness. The time, when a person can break free of the daily grind, and can really just enjoy life. The joy of the moment is shared with others: with family and with friends. Hyggelig – as the Danish say.

But what are the integral parts of hygge? We would like to answer this question with a little more detail in our new series.

Right now, we’ll just give you a few catchwords.

Light plays one of the most important roles. During the long, cold and dark Scandinavian nights, light can create the warm feeling of cosiness. A candle, a tealight, a fireplace, or even a reading lamp can give you light. The important thing is, that instead of cold, luminescent light, we use elegant, delicate lights to accent the contrast between darkness and light.

Warm and soft materials. Creating a cosy little spot for ourselves can be done even in the smallest of spaces: an armchair, or the corner of a sofa. Beside these furniture pieces, all you need is a few soft blankets and fluffy pillows. Wool and velvet – these two are probably the most ideal materials for this.

A hot drink in a handy mug. After creating a cosy spot for relaxing, a nice cup of tea, hot chocolate or mulled wine is really just the cherry on top. Of course for all of this you’re going to need a thick ceramic mug that fits nicely into your hands. A mug, that keeps your hot beverage warm, and gives you a sense of hygge by even just looking at it.

Natural materials. Besides ceramics, wool and leather, wood is the most important material for hygge. These elegant materials deserve to be handmade by skilled craftsmen. It’s not about owning objects. It’s not about opulence. It’s about well-crafted pieces that are the results of thorough, careful work. Pieces, that are just amazing to look at. They should be in harmony with one another, and have the power of transforming an apartment into a home.

Company. Hygge can best be felt when the company is small, and the spirits are high. Let’s say, sitting around a dining table. The savvy Scandinavians know this very well, and that’s why they make relaxation and the feeling of lightheartedness easier with dining room furniture.

So, to sum up: lights, colours, materials, harmony – these are the essence of hygge. And a lot of other things, even a cat purring at our feet.

You can read more details about this soon - in our new article series full of beautiful pictures.

Stay tuned!