If it’s up to us to choose between a boxspring bed and a regular one, we always opt for the boxspring. Why? If you have a few minutes and you’d like to know how to turn sleep into a refreshing relaxation, just stick with us.

The name “boxspring” is quite self-explanatory. The two main components – a “box”, and the springs – found each other in the beginning of the 19th century. This duo became a system, and they have soon won over the United States and North and Western Europe.

Because the whole point of the boxspring is that all of the components fit together perfectly, creating a synergic system that brings out the best of every module.

An exquisite system built of springs

Let’s start form the bottom! What is a box? Well, in our case, the so-called “box” is the base of the bed, in which we can find springs that are 10 to 12 centimetres tall. These are the Bonnell springs, which create a “system”. The springs are connected together, so that they are stronger and yet more flexible and pliant. This system of springs is the ideal base for the next layer. It’s a foundation that provides a strong, stable footing for the mattress. The mattress has two layers of springs in it, and it gives the bed its characteristic, tall shape. A boxspring mattress can be as high as 30 centimetres.

We saved the best for last: this next layer is really just the cherry on top. It’s the ideal surface to lie on, and it can be made from different materials. Cooler or warmer, softer or harder – the choice is up to you. In some of the latest models this so-called topper layer is a built-in part of the mattress.

And the end result is an imposing piece of furniture: a bed that invites you to lie down and rest. A boxspring is truly the “flagship” of the bedroom.

Tall, spine-friendly mattress

This bed is more than just what meets the eye. Its beauty would be worth nothing if it wouldn’t also be comfortable and extremely spine-friendly. Even just the height of the boxspring beds create a special sensation for its user. The mattress is designed carefully, so that it can breathe, and the weight is spread evenly on its surface. The mattress holds its shape, so the person lying on it does not sink in. There are no dents, so there isn’t any strain on the spine. It’s easy on the waist and the neck as well.

Not just a dream…

Breakfast in bed, lying in bed with a nice book – you’re going to want to stay in the boxsping bed as long as possible. InnoConcept’s partner, the German company hülsta is well-known and acclaimed for their excellent quality and their innovative interior design ideas. Hülsta offers a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours so that everyone can design and order the boxspring bed that is tailored exactly to their needs.

The German manufacturing, the state-of-the-art technology and the high quality standards are the guarantee that if you buy hülsta you’re not just buying an exceptional piece with timeless design, you’re also buying durable and long-lasting furniture.