A simple message: discover harmony within the smallest things around and bring passion into your everyday life. NAOMIPELI ceramics add a new meaning to simple, functional objects. Each and every hand-made piece, just as any ceramics, has spirit, and are there to make a colourful difference in our daily routine, to enrich our life and to offer a bit of hidden luxury with the most simple things.

The NAOMIPELI ceramics from Szentendre are primarily decorations – for your home, stores, community spaces, offices. Every piece is unique – handmade or wheeled – and is the result of careful and well thought out product development. The example of the new minimalism, where we only surround ourselves with objects that truly touch our hearts.

NAOMIPELI ceramics from the same collection can be varied and combined with one another.  These ceramic pieces with their beautiful shapes and high quality can be iconic elements in any interiors.

Other than the functional objects in Scandinavian style, NAOMIPELI’s portfolio’s other main element is the Japanese Raku technique. These mainly have decorative purposes, and they’re inspired by nature, flora and the Japanese ikebana art of flowers.


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