Inspiring, unique furniture made of solid wood, wool, metal, marble and leather from Danish designers and European manufacturers – this is Bolia, which is now present in Hungary with its entire product range.

Each year, two new collections are introduced: one in early spring and one at the end of summer. A unique feature of Bolia is its ability to renew in all seasons. Their designers are not afraid to experiment with new shapes, materials and colors. They strive for uniqueness and balance.

Bolia makes furniture, but it is not a furniture factory in the traditional sense of the word. They employ almost half a hundred Scandinavian designers who strive to convey not only furniture and accessories, but also a distinctive outlook on life. Anyone who enters one of Bolia’s showrooms will find not only comfortable sofas, chairs, surprising combinations and imaginative collections, designed with great care and love and made with an environmentally conscious approach, but also fragrant coffee.

In addition to the sight of the new Scandinavian design, you will also get plenty of ideas, inspiration, and if you choose, exceptionally high-quality, durable furniture.


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