Connubia is the line dedicated to the “essentials” of the Calligaris: tables and chairs, brought to the highest level of depth of range. The name comes from the Latin “connubium” (marriage, bond). It expresses the natural bond between the products and the company and their blending in an original and unique cohesion. The symbol is a circle with three half circles around it, which create an optical illusion. Three chairs around a table; the immediate and concise representation of the gathering, of the conviviality and of the idea of home. At the same time it represents the development of the Calligaris symbol in a new subject, its natural extension.
Sitting down together brings sharing, complicity and emotions.
Connubia dedicates, to this ongoing meeting, an extraordinary range of chairs. Classic and timeless shapes or futuristic and rich in details, the Connubia chairs invite to rest. An ergonomic and contemporary design created with innovative materials, that accompany unique moments in everyday life. Gathering around a table brings meetings, affinity and emotions. Connubia puts in the center of these unique experiences a wide range of tables. Main characters of the dining room, they meet any need, transforming themselves, when needed, to host unexpected guests. The Connubia tables match different materials that adapt to any room and reflect anyone’s personality.


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