For some, Münsterland might only be the home of the Münsterlander dogs, but for the lovers of interior design it is where hülsta was founded. Estamblished in Stadtlohn in 1940, hülsta is famous for its high quality and innovative interior architecture solutions in the world of living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and halls. And that’s no accident. German manufacturing and technology has been, and still is today the guarantee of high quality, unique, timeless design and incredibly long-lasting and durable furniture. And hülsta has also become environmentally friendly. Only using wood from sustainable sources is part of that mentality. The importance of protecting the environment is a basic principle of the company, and it’s proudly emphasised by the blue angel logo. For hülsta clients, shopping is not the end of correspondence – quite the opposite: it’s just the beginning. Registered hülsta customers are provided with a 5 year guarantee, as well as being able to enjoy all the extra benefits of ServicePlus.

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