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Dining room

The dining room is not just a place to eat. It's a place to sit together with your family and with friends, to talk and to socialize. Some time ago, a table and a few chairs might have been enough, but today we can use a dinig table, dinig chairs, dining armchairs, dining sofas, dining bench, dining room furniture, a dining cupboard, or a bar table to transform our dining room into a space where you can spend hours sitting at dinner or Sunday lunch.

Dining room

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  1. BLOCK Table
    BLOCK Table
  2. BLOCK Table -Dark Grey
  3. BLOCK Table -White
  4. BLOCK Table -Black
  5. BLOCK Table -Red
  6. BLOCK Table -Dark Blue
  7. JUST Chair
    JUST Chair
  8. JUST Barstool
    JUST Barstool
  9. HERIT Armchair
  10. HERIT Chair
    HERIT Chair
  11. CAMILLO Bar Trolley
  12. GLIMPS Dining table
  13. STORM Dining table
  14. FRANKY Dining Chair
  15. FRANKY Counter stool
  16. FRANKY Bar stool
  17. ALAGON Dining table
  18. ALAGON Bench
    ALAGON Bench
  19. CLASS Sideboard
    Out of stock
    CLASS Sideboard
  20. CLASS Dining table
  22. BRIGITTE Cupboard
  23. BRIGITTE Sideboard
  24. CRUZ Cupboard
    CRUZ Cupboard
  25. NICHE Cupboard
  26. OMG VELVET Chair
  27. New HANDLE Stool
    HANDLE Stool
  28. New ALBERT KUIP Chair
  29. New ALBERT KUIP Barstool
  30. New ALBERT KUIP Counter stool
  31. New Hülsta FOR YOU Cabinet I.
  32. New Hülsta FOR YOU Cabinet II.
  33. New UTILE Dining table
  34. New MULTI 160/180 Dining table
  35. New SALLY Dining chair (2 pc)
  36. New APEX Dining table
  37. New APEX EXTENDIBLE Dining table
  38. New DUSK 130/150 Table
  39. New DUSK MARBLE 130 Table
  40. New DUSK MARBLE 002 Table
  41. New DUSK 002 Table
    DUSK 002 Table
  42. New Hülsta ET22 Dining table
  43. New SOUL lounge chair
  44. New FRAME Dining table - 180/220 cm
  45. New RIDGE Barstool
  46. New RIDGE Armchair
  47. New RIDGE Chair
    RIDGE Chair
  48. New FLEXBACK Armchair
  49. New DIAMOND Chair
    DIAMOND Chair
  50. New BEAU Armchair
    BEAU Armchair
  51. New SYL Armchair
    SYL Armchair
  52. New FESTON Armchair
  53. New FESTON Barstool
  54. New NIKKI Armchair
  55. New DOULTON Armchair
  56. New NIKKI Lounge chair
  57. New ALBERT KUIP Armchair
  58. Posea Bench-Dark Blue
  59. Posea Bench - Grey
  60. Posea Bench - Nude

Items 1-100 of 665

per page
Set Descending Direction