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What makes Italian furniture design most different from other approaches is that it takes design, appearance, and aesthetics into account from the beginning of the design process. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, Calligaris Italian furniture is not only functional but also extremely elegant, a masterpiece of innovative design. Please take advantage of our exclusive discount and get your Calligaris & Connubia furniture now with 15% off! The Italian design furniture sale is valid for a limited time, from 11.09.2023 to 24.09.2023.

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The Calligaris Group, the historic Made in Italy Design Group, is determined to make a difference in sustainability. Quality is therefore the most fundamental value of Calligaris furniture: the popular Italian manufacturer constantly seeks out new eco-friendly materials, aims for the best performance and durability, and subjects its products to a rigorous series of tests to ensure they meet the highest standards. These quality standards are of course also met by Connubia, the manufacturer’s own brand.

Italian design furniture is a real-life solution because it is based on the principle that it must adapt to change. Their designers know that every family and community has a different sense of home and comfort. They understand that every space and homemaker’s needs are different, which is why they offer a wide range of products and bespoke options to ensure that the customer finds what they like.

Whether it’s a dining area that’s always ready to welcome friends and family, a comfortable sofa, or a workspace at home where ideas and inspiration can flow freely, Calligaris strives to make its furniture feel truly at home in a contemporary design that is tailored to real life.

Calligaris Breeze dining table // Breeze étkezőasztal

BREEZE design dining table • FOYER dining armchair • CEMENTINO rug

1. Dining tables & dining chair:

Calligaris offers a wide range of designer dining tables, available in fixed and extendable versions. In addition to the ever-elegant glass and ceramic tops, you can bring the beauty of nature into your dining room with carefully crafted wood or eco-stone surfaces. From our range of Italian design dining chairs, you’re sure to find a matching seat to match your table. Most of our design dining chairs are available in both traditional and armchair versions, and we have a huge range of upholstery options for complete personalisation.

2. Sofas & Armchairs:

The Calligaris Italian design sofa and Italian design armchair range is renowned for its quality and maximum comfort. The modular sofa range with its almost endless combination possibilities allows anyone to put together the perfect sofa or armchair to suit their needs.

Calligaris Ginza sofa // Ginza kanapé

Calligaris Ginza sofa // Ginza kanapé

Calligaris Rod sofa // Rod kanapé

Calligaris Le Marais sofa // Le Marais kanapé

LE MARAIS sofa • ARENA coffee table • ARENA side table • COMFY design armchair • LOVE design barstool • ZEN rug

Calligaris Mies Roll sofa // Mies Roll kanapé

MIES ROLL sofa • UNIVERSAL sideboard • RENDEZ VOUS design armchair • TWEET coffee table collection • ZEN rug

3. Beds & bedroom furniture:

Quality relaxation. Something we all want to achieve, experience and enjoy from time to time. Our Italian design bed and bedroom furniture range is designed to ensure your home has the opportunity for the most restful comfort.

4. Small furniture & accessories:

A ‘statement piece’ is a central piece that draws the eye as soon as you enter the room. Choosing this is of course a very important task and requires careful planning – but no centrepiece is truly successful without the right accessories. At InnoConcept, we have a wide range of Italian design coffee tables, coffee tables, rugs and other accessories to give your room that essential finishing touch that will really pull the whole look together.

5. Storage furniture & shelves:

A well-designed interior can only shine in all its glory if everything has its place. Calligaris & Connubia’s storage furniture collection is full of models that offer a modern and elegant look, but also plenty of useful storage space. Italian design dressers, shelves and trays with a wide range of finishes for a tidy home.

Calligaris Universal sideboard Rio armchair // Universal komĂłd Rio fotel

UNIVERSAL sideboard • RIO design armchair

Calligaris Lake highboard // Lake tálaló magas komód