The products of the Scandinavian manufacturers are characterized by a functional, clean design and smaller luminaires that give a specific atmosphere to each room. When we talk about the Scandinavian lifestyle, the hygge, everyone immediately thinks of the friendly lights and the homely atmosphere – quite rightly so! One of the basic elements of hygge is light, which determines the mood of your home. We offer models from Globen Lighting from Sweden and Halo Design from Denmark – real stylish and functional pieces that can be easily integrated into the overall look of our home, be it classic, modern or organic.


In an earlier article, we wrote about the lighting trends that prevail today: instead of large central chandeliers, several well-placed luminaires that amplify the function of the room take the pride. It is no coincidence that our lamp range is determined by Globen and Halo Design products. As Scandinavian manufacturers, they are masters of playing with light in a functional, clean design.


Enchanted by moods – Globen Lighting

For the Swedish manufacturer, a lamp is much more than a simple light source. Shaper of the atmosphere of the home. It is present as an emphatic element without settling on the room as an object. Its sleek, modern design pieces are made in a myriad of styles, in a variety of colors and materials. Pendants, floor lamps, wall lamps and table lamps are also included in each collection. If you are already in love with a form, you will surely find the right piece for your dreamed interior.

Functionality and anthropocentric – Halo Design

Halo’s Danish design team believes that creating the right and cozy environment requires the right light source. Therefore, the lights need to be integrated into their environment so that we can really feel at home among them. At Halo Design, they work along four principles from the design process to the end of production: Danish identity, Scandinavian design, functionality and value for money.


Choose lamps that give your home a unique, intimate atmosphere instead of a dazzling light, get inspired by the catalogs of Globen Lighting and Halo Design, or discover our full range on our website!