The interior of the apartment is no longer designed for decades. With changing life situations and ever-changing demands, it seems more sensible to choose furniture that doesn’t just serve one purpose.


In the seventies and eighties of the last century, Hungarian homes are still dominated by the cabinet rows. Beside the wall, mostly GDR and Yugoslavian models housed clothes, books, television, and occasionally a bar cabinet. The smaller space compared to today, the rather limited selection of furniture at the time, and the less active and mobile lifestyle all resulted in the living room of the wardrobe-coffee table-chair triple being unaffected. The living room was an island anyway. Accurately separated from the typically not very large kitchen, which was not only a place for cooking but also for dining.

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Multifunctional spaces and furniture

Today we think differently of our home. Increasingly, its function is to help us get out of the daily treadmill. Offer relaxation, family-friendly gatherings. Although the floor space of apartments in Hungary has been steadily increasing over the past decades, smaller apartments still typical for big cities are becoming a necessity for architects and home decorators: multi-functional spaces and furniture that offers more than just one use. A typical trend is the use of matching but separate furniture. The slim, slender legs that make even a bookcase almost float. This effect is reinforced by wall-mounted pieces without a foot.


Adapting to changing needs

Bringing the maximum in style and functionality – this is the most important thing to keep in mind. Of course, it is easier to think in a large home, but most people need to provide smaller spaces with furniture that suits their own needs and ages as children are born, and advances in age, and survive the new fashion waves appearing too fast.

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The German Hülsta is popular due to its combination and multifunctionality. Their furniture is made to the highest quality standards, which makes it durable and timeless. And all this has been accompanied by environmental awareness over the time. As part of this, only real wood from sustainable sources is used for furniture production.