Summer, heat – whoever can do it flee to the waterfront. Whether it’s a windy beach, a lake surrounded by mountains, or just a lazy river, they all radiate the atmosphere we’d love to take home. What if I said that we can?


The atmosphere of natural waters can be evoked in an apartment even if we live far away from them. The style that creates the desired milieu by playing with colors, shapes, materials and accessories is also called “Coastal Design”.

Water lovers are free to use the individual elements, though sense of proportion is particularly needed in this case. Less is really more here. While playing with the ingredients subtly, the effect can still be impressive.



Fine tones

The basic colors evoke the blue of sky and water, the pale yellows of the sand, the gray of pebbles and rocks, but of course the palette is more diverse. However, it is possible to play with nuances. All this helps to create the impression of a capacious space. It’s like sitting on a windswept dune in our own dining chair.


Minimalist approach

Shorelines, rocks, hills, waterfront plants and trees – nature works with simple tools. We can reconstruct this simplicity between the four walls if we do not want to cram everything into the space available to us, and rather mix the desired interior with the aforementioned colors, some typical furniture and characteristic accessories.

(Bolia MACARON pouf)


Diverse surfaces

If you can’t recreate rough-walled rocks, rolling sand or tickling vegetation, you will find similarly tactile materials in our “Coastal design” home. In fact, we can even take the waves of the sea from behind pillows on a couch covered with caressing fabric. A modular sofa is a good choice, where we can assemble the perfect size and design.


Of course, even one well-chosen, eye-catching piece can give the character of the room. Just like the Betty armchair.


Domestic landscapes

Because of the lack of sea, most Hungarians stay at Balaton or by the Danube on warm days. The lake and the river have a wide fan base, and it is natural that many people would like to take a piece with them, even in a symbolic form, to their apartment, house or holiday home.

As well as a wall picture depicting the variation of the color of Lake Balaton with spectacular raku ceramics.