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The sanctuary of our apartment: the bedroom

This is the room in the apartment where the most important thing is that every piece of it fits in perfectly with us. The bedroom furniture includes wardrobe, double bed, boxspring bed, sideboard and bedside table. That’s why comfort and quality are the first and most important aspects of the choice. The bed must be durable. Boxspring bed or double bed? Wood or upholstered headboard? You can choose from countless options in style, materials, colors and sizes.


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Systematic storage in the bedroom

Another important part of the bedroom furniture is the wardrobe, whose main task is to keep our clothes organized. So many people, so many needs - the wardrobes of Hülsta and Wiemann can be perfectly personalized: storage, shelves, drawers, hangers - just about everything you need. You can choose from a wide range of widths and heights, both hanging and sliding-door.

A stylish sideboard and a bedside table add to the perfect balance - these pieces combine function and design to make the bedroom perfect.