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Coffee tables

Coffee tables

There is no living room without a coffee table

The coffee table is a small but prominent piece of living room furniture. A piece of furniture that needs to fit into the sofa and thus plays a significant role in determining the style of the living room. The range of coffee table options is almost endless: it can be quite simple or multifunctional, it can be bulky, or just enough to fit a cup of tea and a book, it can be restrained, almost imperceptible, or lively and challenging – it all depends on your taste.


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Coffee tables made of special materials

Our hundreds of coffee table models include wood, metal, copper, marble, glass, enamel or upholstered furniture. From simple modern shapes to unique industrial-style pieces to true sculptural masterpieces, you'll find countless designs. If you need a lot of storage space, you can choose from our models with swivel table top, hidden storage, or drawer elements.

Our coffee table range include Scandinavian Bolia, Normann Copenhagen and Innovation, Dutch Zuiver and Dutchbone as well as German H√ľlsta and Italian Connubia design coffee tables. This diversity also gives us a sense of how many styles we can show off in unique styles: modern, classic, Scandinavian, Mediterranean and industrial.