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Living room

Living room

The heart of the apartment: the living room

The living room is the largest and most used space in the apartment, so it is not enough to have nice furniture, it is important that the living room furniture is practical and satisfies the ever changing needs of the family. This is based on the selection of well-variable and combinable pieces. The living room combination includes a cabinet, coffee table, sideboard, media unit and shelves. These can be combined depending on the needs and the size of the available space, so that the ideal combination will eventually be incorporated into the apartment.


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Scandinavian design, German quality

The backbone of our living room range is made by H√ľlsta, as it is inimitable in personalization. There are countless sizes and designs to choose from, you can order with natural wood, lacquered or high gloss finishes. Danish Bolia represents Scandinavian style with its simple, clean design and natural materials that bring a hygge feel to the living room. Living room furniture from both manufacturers is made in Europe, according to the highest standards of production technology, in a sustainable way and using environmentally friendly materials, so it is understandable why they give 5 year warranty on every piece of furniture.