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Welcome to InnoConcept Design

Urban environment, timeless shapes, contemporary design, creativity. These are notions that InnoConcept is based upon.
„We don’t come here to do work, we come here to create and to bulid.” We are enthusiastic and motivated, and that’s no surprise, since we love design, and the furniture we work with. The clients stepping into the showroom are partners, with whom we aim to find the best solution. Together. With InnoConcept, furniture and accessory pieces are not the only ones with style. We hope that our partners will agree.

People, creativity, quality

We are full of ideas. And the furniture and design pieces offered by us make it possible, that from the many ideas, only those become realities, that fit your needs the best.


As firm believers of the importance of environmental contiousness, we believe in the use of natural material. We don’t distribute products that contain heavy metals or dangerous chemical substances, and we make sure, that there were no ozone-depleting chemicals used during the manufacturing of the products we sell.

More than just a showroom

We seek to form a living connection with both the people and the environment. Let’s think, talk, or even create together! The showroom also provides the opportunity of hosting special events.

New scandinavian design and german quality

Quality pieces made from natural materials – that is the basis of our company. The two brands we mainly rely on are Bolia, which represents the new Scandinavian design, and Hülsta, which combines simplicity and elegance with premium quality.

Meet the team

We are Noémi Péli and András Kollin, the founders of InnoConcept. This project incorporates everything connecting us. The love of water, ceramics, and design.


As we live in Szentendre and Budapest, the Danube is an important part of both of our lives. We don’t just live near it, we take advantage of the opportunities it provides. Whether it’s kayaking in a sport club or wandering around Szentendre Island, the essence is the same: enjoying the beauty of the river and nature.


One of us makes it, and the other collects it. Those who know us can tell you, we are talking about ceramics. Noemi has been spending all of their free time in the past decade wheeling in their own workshop and establishin slowly the brand NAOMIPELI. And Andras has been organising exhibitions, editing art books and conserving heritage for future generations, while respecting the heritage of Lívia Gorka, the artist responsible for renewing contemporary hungarian ceramics.


Our paths have crossed for the first time about 15 years ago. At that time the Hungarian market was dominated by nice-looking, but expensive furnitures, and pieces of unclear origin: no-one knew how they were made and what they were made of. It was then, that we made our debut in Ráday Street withINNOSHOP: affordable Scandinavian couches of high standard in both quality and shape.

Where we are?

At the bank of the river Danube, where else? Our settings are most unusual. An up-and-coming rusty industrial district not far from the Budapest city center, in the neighbourhood of Árpád Bridge and Óbuda Island. The industrial walls of the old Budapest Stocking Factory provide an exciting, unique athmosphere. It is our conviction, that it’s on us to show that old buildings in Budapest can be filled with new life, just like in so many other cities. come and visit our showroom!