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Boxspring beds

Boxspring beds

Boxspring bed with professional design

What exactly is boxspring? The essence of boxspring beds is that their parts fit together, join together to form a stable unit. The “box” forms the base of the bed, in which the so-called bonell springs, 10 to 12 cm high, are arranged so that the individual springs are connected to each other, reinforce each other and give each other flexibility. The purpose of this layer is to provide a stable base for a double layer mattress containing springs. The special feature of boxspring beds is the mattress, which can be up to 30 cm high. Finally, the third layer, which provides the ideal lying surface. It can be made from a variety of materials, it can be cooler or warmer, softer or firmer. In some models, this particular topper layer is part of the mattress.

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Waist and neck friendly bed

It creates a well-ventilated surface with even load distribution due to the "waist" design. The one lying on it does not sink into it. There are no recesses, so they do not overload the spine. It protects the waist and neck.

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