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One central piece: the sofa

It is so good to lay down on a comfortable and beautiful sofa after a busy day! The sofa is one of the most used furniture. Therefore, it is not enough to be beautiful, it must be durable. Elegant Scandinavian seating furniture made from natural materials, with a clean design, can be a fundamental part of the home’s atmosphere. When we talk about sofa, everyone think about different function and details, so a sofa has to meet quite a wide range of needs. If you have a smaller apartments, a 2-seater sofa will be good, but a spacious living rooms let you choose a 3-seater sofa or even a gigantic modular sofa.

Our webshop does not include our full range. We can offer hundreds of sofa models, in a wide variety of fabrics, sizes and configurations, in many different price groups. Find more options in the downloadable catalogs and in person at the InnoConcept showroom! Visit our shop in person and get the help of our staff.


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For classic homes and modern spaces

The range of options is almost endless: you can order the perfect piece from hundreds of sofas. Whether it is fabric, leather, or artificial leather sofa, you can choose from the many furniture upholstery of different price ranges. Whether you are looking for restrained, classic-style homes or truly modern extravagant spaces, you will find the perfect set of seating you are looking for.

We offer premium quality seating furniture from well-known Scandinavian manufacturers. The top designers from Bolia, Normann Copenhagen, Theca, Furninova and Innovation are working to meet all your needs - both comfort, function, durability - and the design of home.