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When it comes to furniture, beauty is the most important factor – but here, at InnoConcept, we also want to know from what and how our products were made.

Whether it’s the living room, the dining room or the bedroom, we offer a wide variety of products. The main brand in our portfolio is the Danish company Bolia. Bolia mainly focuses on sitting furniture and small furniture in the Scandinavian style. Our other main brand is Hülsta, a company with a long history of producing furniture in Germany.

Both brands are socially and environmentally conscious. They represent the guarantee of sustainability, a cause close to our hearts.

Besides Bolia and Hülsta, we offer special, unique ceramics and fair trade accessories and lamps. Our portfolio includes the Swedish company Furnirova, the Danish brand Innovation, and the luxury armchair manufacturer Flexlux.

Our furniture pieces are carefully selected, based on the principle of “slow design”. The emphasis is on craftsmanship, quality materials and detailing, and of course, durability. We believe, that the homes of the future must be decorated in a smarter, simpler way.


Danish designers and European maufacturers equal inspiring furniture made from solid wood, wool, metal, marble and leather – that’s Bolia, available now in Hungary as well. Bolia manufactures furniture, but it’s not a traditional manufacturer. It employs almost 50 Scandinavian designers, and it aims not only to create furniture and accessories, but to give an outlook on life as well.

Stepping into a Bolia showroom, you won’t just be welcomed by unique, carefully designed, environmental-friendly comfortable sofas, chairs, surprising combinations and collections full of love and ideas, but the smell of freshly brewed coffee as well. And while witnessing the new Scandinavian design you’ll be given plenty of advice, and should you decide to buy something, you’ll get a piece of durable furniture of extremely high quality. „We don’t come here to do work, we come here to create and to bulid.” We are enthusiastic and motivated, and that’s no surprise, since we love design, and the furniture we work with. The clients stepping into the showroom are partners, with whom we aim to find the best solution – together. With Bolia, furniture and accessory pieces are not the only ones with style. We hope that our partners will agree.



For some, Münsterland might only be the home of the Münsterlander dogs, but for the lovers of interior design it is where hülsta was founded. Estamblished in Stadtlohn in 1940, hülsta is famous for its high quality and innovative interior architecture solutions in the world of living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and halls. And that’s no accident. German manufacturing and technology has been, and still is today the guarantee of high quality, unique, timeless design and incredibly long-lasting and durable furniture. And hülsta has also become environmentally friendly. Only using wood from sustainable sources is part of that mentality. The importance of protecting the environment is a basic principle of the company, and it’s proudly emphasised by the blue angel logo. For hülsta clients, shopping is not the end of correspondence – quite the opposite: it’s just the beginning. Registered hülsta customers are provided with a 5 year guarantee, as well as being able to enjoy all the extra benefits of ServicePlus.








A read, a drink, a break, a daydream – we all need somewhere to savour the moment. FLEXLUX is designed to be that place. The luxury armchairs of the Danish company provide the comfort everyone wishes for. These furniture pieces contour the body perfectly, and are adjustable for both weight and height. They are the perfect example of the fact that armchairs don’t have to be huge, robust pieces. The light and elegant FLEXLUX luxury armchair brings a splash of colour to both modern and classic interiors.





The Danish company Innovation is well-known in Hungary – their multifunctional sofas and sofabeds are simply wonderful. Their range of products symbolises the style of Per Weiss, the face of the company: the well-known Scandinavian simplicity, elegance, and functionality. The comfortable matrasses are the result of a product development process that began 25 years ago – and the guarantee for both us and our customers for perfect quality.











A simple message: discover harmony within the smallest things around and bring passion into your everyday life. NAOMIPELI ceramics add a new meaning to simple, functional objects. Each and every hand-made piece, just as any ceramics, has spirit, and are there to make a colourful difference in our daily routine, to enrich our life and to offer a bit of hidden luxury with the most simple things.

The NAOMIPELI ceramics from Szentendre are primarily decorations – for your home, stores, community spaces, offices. Every piece is unique – handmade or wheeled – and is the result of careful and well thought out product development. The example of the new minimalism, where we only surround ourselves with objects that truly touch our hearts.

NAOMIPELI ceramics from the same collection can be varied and combined with one another.  These ceramic pieces with their beautiful shapes and high quality can be iconic elements in any interiors. Other than the functional objects in Scandinavian style, NAOMIPELI’s portfolio’s other main element is the Japanese Raku technique. These mainly have decorative purposes, and they’re inspired by nature, flora and the Japanese ikebana art of flowers.

Besides small collections for resale, we also offer to make unique wall arts, installations, and other decorations (vases, table decorations, plant holders).



For the quarter million people already sitting on their Furnirova sofas, the Swedish company needs no introduction. We carefully selected the Furnirova products that fit into our portfolio the best. The brand has a long history of self-manufacturing sustainable products, and selling their furniture to the largest European furniture studios. Furnirova is the best option for those looking for affordable, yet quality Scandinavian pieces.