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Kid's Furniture

Kid's Furniture

The furniture of the smallest family members: the kids’ furniture

Furnishing children’s room is one of the most difficult tasks. Be stylish, secure, durable and avoid having to be replaced from year to year as they grow. Therefore, besides quality and perfect ergonomics, the most important feature of kids’ furniture is flexibility and multifunctionality.


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Kids’ room furniture in German quality

Hülsta represents the absolute premium German quality also in children's furniture. Simple yet functional pieces follow children's development in terms of usability, comfort and design. In the bed, the two sides of the mattress are of different hardness and the cribs can be turned into a youth bed over time. The German manufacturers also pay attention to the small details: the cabinet and handles, for example, can be monster-like eyes and sticky funny teeth. Then, as children grow, these accessories can be replaced with simple metal handles without having to replace the entire wardrobe.