Modular sofas

Modular sofas

Endless possibilities: the modular sofa

Modular sofa sets are becoming increasingly popular. Not by chance. The essence of the modular sofa set is that we can create the perfect design for us according to the size of the apartment and the layout of the room from elements of different sizes. Practical, since you don’t have to stick to the same layout forever, you can rearrange your modules at any time. Elements can be multifunctional – a pouf can serve as a footstool, or it can be a great tray holder. Its versatility makes it as easy to assemble a U-shaped or L-shaped corner sofa as a simple 2 seater sofa. Designers of four Scandinavian manufacturers are working to give each piece a unique look and comfort in addition to their practicality: Swedish Furninova, Danish Bolia, Theca and Normann Copenhagen.

Our webshop does not include our full range of sofa, corner sofa, and U or L shaped sofa. You can find more information in the downloadable catalogs and in person at the InnoConcept store! Visit our store in person and ask for the help of our staff!


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