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Dining chairs

Dining chairs

The seats of the dining room: the dining chair

The dining room is a great place for family and friendly dining. But it’s up to you to do more! A really good dining room furniture is good for having a good long conversation. It can be a great place to work as well. That’s why it’s such an important task to choose the perfect dining chair. It need to be comfortable and practical at the same time. We offer high quality, design dining chairs from 9 European manufacturers. Whether the apartment is modern, classic or industrial, we can certainly find a dining chair that not only fits into the space but complements and unifies it.


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Design - comfort - functionality

There are robust, heavy pieces, but Danish and German designers' offices nowadays tend to have lightweight, ergonomic yet stable dining chairs. The wide choice of metal or wooden frames ensures that everyone can design the dining set that suits the dining room the best. The seat can be made of wood, plastic or even with removable upholstery. Whichever you choose from our wide selection of colors and fabrics, you will surely find the perfect combination.