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Sustainable quality

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Sustainable quality

Beautiful design, reliable materials, real craftsmanship, modern technology, and passion – that’s what makes our furniture pieces so lasting.



Long life design

We strongly believe in quality and functionality, and our position is that furniture has to be chosen consciously, and that less really is more. We don’t just make sure that our products are in perfect condition and of good quality, we also know how where they were made. It’s not enough for them to be luxurious, they also have to be environmentally conscious and in accordance with social responsibility principles. The leathers used by our manufacturers are traceable, and they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. The furniture is made in Europe – Hülsta products are exclusively made in Germany, and 90% of Bolia products are made in Europe, most of them in Denmark. It’s no accident, that both companies offer 5 year warranties. We believe that number speaks for itself!






Let’s live more sustainably, shop less but more consciously!


Here are a few quick facts about the materials in our collection:

  • Our sofa and furniture fabrics are made of 100 % wool or recyclable polyester, 100% free of heavy metals such as nickel, lead or chromium.
  • The wool we use in our wool fabrics is certified from IWTO (International Wool Textile Organization), IWTO has made tests, which insure that the animals are treated in the best respectful manner. Also our wool has passed the international “REACH” test which indicates that it fulfills the highest EU standards for wool.
  • Our sofa frames are made of sustainable wood and the wood glue is 100 % water based and environment friendly.
  • Bolia carefully follow and respect the high REACH standards, eliminating risky substances from our production processes and thereby minimizing any possible allergic reactions.
  • The down and feathers we use for our pillows and cushions comes from birds used in regulated poultry food production within Europe. This guarantees that the birds are not killed only for the use of their downs and that they have not been plucked alive. Our suppliers are monitored regularly via the HACCP quality system.
  • All the mahogany solid wood and veneer our manufacturers use comes strictly from FSC approved forestry and supplier network from West Africa. FSC certification is securing that the wood is coming from reproductive forests.
  • The production of Bolia cowhide products is ISO certified with no usage of hexavalent chrome in the process.
  • The Bolia wool plaids are made from 100 % pure new wool.