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Comes into effect on 2017/09/01.


If you would like to become an active user or purchase from the webshop, please read our Terms and conditions carefully and use our services only if you completely agree with and accept to be bound by these terms and conditions. This document will not be filed and the contract will be signed in electronic form only, it will not be retrievable at a later time and does not refer to code of conduct.
The language of the contract is Hungarian. This translation serves informative purposes only. We do not take any responsibility for problems caused by translation mistakes or inaccuracies.

If you have any questions regarding the webshop, ordering and delivery process please contact us by using the listed contact information, we are at your service!


Site operator details

  • Operator of the webshop: InnoConcept Ltd.
  • Company registry number: 01-09-298625
  • Tax number: 25959846-2-41
  • Court of registry: Budapest Metropolitan Court
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • CĂ­m: H-1033 Budapest, Bogdáni street 1.
  • Contact person: NoĂ©mi PĂ©li and Andras Kollin (General Managers)


Products and services

  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Textiles
  • Rug, wall and floor covering
  • Ceramics
  • Decoration
  • Design and consulting service

Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product.


Purchasing process

You can purchase in our webshop as guest or as a registered user. Registration is not required to purchase, however it has several advantages.


Register in our webshop and enjoy the consequent advantages: purchase quicker, add more delivery addresses, track your orders, use the wishlist and view your saved cart. You can change your account details at any time in the future.


After you have chosen the product you want to purchase, click on the “Add to cart” button next to the product. After that use the MY CART menu in the page header to check the products that are in your shopping cart, here you can also remove products from your cart. You can place and finalize your order in the CHECKOUT menu. Here you need to give all the necessary delivery and billing information and you can choose from the available payment methods.


The contract between InnoConcept Ltd. and the customer concerning the products added to the cart is made with the information provided by the customer when filling out the purchase order, and the conditions of this General Terms and Conditions. Therefore, it is very important for the purchase order to be filled out correctly. The CHECKOUT menu offers you the option of revising/changing your order before finalizing it. Please read your order carefully, before finalizing it.


Please note that most images on the website, in the catalogues are only illustrations and may differ from those in real life and their appearance may depend on the image quality, printing processes and display types.  Please note that some of the ceramics sold by Innoconcept are unique, hand-made piece of arts. Due to this, when there are more than one products made of the same kind, we cannot guarantee them being exactly the same, therefore small, unimportant differences may occur, even if the pieces are based on the same plan. Therefore the photos shown on the webshop may slightly differ from the actual piece you receive. Please keep this in mind when ordering from us. The small differences do not mean InnoConcept LTd.’s breach of contract, therefore warranty claims or legal consequences of breach of contract cannot be enforced.

InnoConcept does not take responsibility for falsely indicated prices that are evidently incorrect. In these cases InnoConcept is not liable to sell the products on unrealistic, falsely indicated prices. If this should be the case, InnoConcept communicates the real price of the product in the corfirming email and offers the purchase of the product on its real value and the customer may decide if he/she still wants to order the product on this price.


After receiving the order, we will confirm the order via the email address you entered in the order. This automatically generated email is only the confirmation of the receipt of your order. In the confirming email you’ll find your Order ID, which you can use should there be any administrative issues concerning your order. If you filled out your order incorrectly, and the email address is not correct, we can neither confirm, nor fulfill your order. We do not take responsibility for the inconveniences and potential damages caused by filling out the order incorrectly.


The confirmation is only the receipt of the order, not the approval of it, therefore it is not a legally binding contract. The contract will be established only when InnoConcept Ltd. informs the customer of the fulfillment of the order via email (usually within 1 day),  that is to say when the product is given to the shipper, and in the case of an item requiring a Sales Order sent from InnoConcept’s CMR system and advanced payment upon receiving said payment. Until this order confirmation any of the actions of the buyer or the seller can not be considered as an approval. If for some unavertable reason we cannot carry out the terms and conditions specified in this document, we will inform you after confirmation via email as soon as possible.


This document is only valid for orders placed electronically on the internet, using the www.innoconcept.hu webpage. Orders placed on the phone, in email, or via mail qualify as orders placed personally in the InnoConcept showroom, and do not fall under the terms specified in this document.


Showroom pieces

Please inquire about the current availability of showroom models in advance at our contact details. These models can only be purchased after a personal viewing, once the interested party is convinced of their condition. Their transportation is a matter of a separate agreement; we are not able to provide home delivery for all products, given that their original, damage-free packaging is not always possible or not with standard delivery methods. Always contact us if you are interested in showroom models.


Payment method, order information


The prices shown next to the products are in HUF. According to the Hungarian VAT-laws InnoConcept Ltd. is a taxable person, therefore all products sold by the company are taxed. The prices indicated in our webshop are gross consumer prices, they include VAT.


Besides the price of the product, the customer must pay the shipping expenses. Shipping expenses include packaging and shipping. In accordance with different demands we are offering several payment options for products purchased in the InnoConcept webshop. Expected shipping cost is indicated on each product’s page, furthermore we provide accurate costing during the purchase process. All products can be picked up personally at our showroom in Budapest or at our. Depending on the type of products and over a certain value we provide free shipping (for details go to Shipping & Delivery).


Basically there are two product types to be ordered from the webshop – to purchase certain products an advance payment of at least 50% is required.


1/ STANDARD products


These are products on stock which you can buy right away as a registered client or a vendor customer.  When purchasing products that fall within the normal shipping category there are 4 different payment methods:

1. Bank transfer to InnoConcept Ltd’s bank account held at K&H Bank: 10404089-50526866-48511007 (IBAN: HU58 10404089-50526866-48511007) or if you would like to pay in EUR to K&H Bank HU63 10404089-50526866-48511014. When making the transfer it is important to indicate your name/company name and your Order ID in the comment field – your Order ID will be sent to you via the order confirmation e-mail after you have placed your order.

2. Pay using PayPal’s online service (soon)

3.  Cash on Delivery, to the courier service. This option is valid only when the product is delivered by courier service and not by furniture carrier.

4. In person at InnoConcept Showroom in cash or soon available by credit card through credit card terminal (soon).

We can fulfill the orders within 2 to 5 business days during working hours, in the case of home delivery via DPD courier service.


2/ Large or made to order products


These are products which we do not keep on stock, to be produced and delivered only on individual customer’s request, which you can buy as a registered client or a vendor customer.


When purchasing made to order or order only products, the order is validated after an advance payment of at least 50% has been made. In case of advance payment a DEPOSIT REQUEST will be sent via the order confirmation e-mail. After the required deposit amount for the ordered product has been transferred to our bank account or paid in person (depending on the chosen payment method), we will issue a pro forma invoice to the billing address as certification of payment. The deposit amount will be automatically deducted from the final invoice, all original invoices will be sent through courier, furniture shipping agent or will be handed over to you in case of personal pickup. Unless you note otherwise, the pro forma invoice will be handed over with the final invoice. Once the deposit amount has arrived we will notify you by a status e-mail. As a registered user you can also track the status of your order in your personal account. You can pay the remainder of your purchase using the same payment method as you have previously chosen. In order to pay your balance faster we will send you a copy of the final invoice via e-mail.

It is possible to pay the full amount of your order, you can do so by the following methods:


  • Bank transfer to InnoConcept Ltd’s bank account held at K&H Bank: 10404089-50526866-48511007 (IBAN: HU58 10404089-50526866-48511007) or if you would like to pay in EUR to K&H Bank HU63 10404089-50526866-48511014. When making the transfer it is important to indicate your name/company name and your Order ID in the comment field – your Order ID will be sent to you via the order confirmation e-mail after you have placed your order.
  • Via PayPal (soon).
  • In person at InnoConcept Showroom in cash or soon available by credit card through credit card terminal (soon).


If you choose to pay the deposit of 50% and the remainder, then you can do so by:

  • Bank transfer to InnoConcept Ltd’s bank account held at K&H Bank: 10404089-50526866-48511007 (IBAN: HU58 10404089-50526866-48511007) or if you would like to pay in EUR to K&H Bank HU63 10404089-50526866-48511014. When making the transfer it is important to indicate your name/company name and your Order ID in the comment field – your Order ID will be sent to you via the order confirmation e-mail after you have placed your order.
  • In person at InnoConcept Showroom in cash or soon available by credit card through credit card (soon)

If you put both normal and deposit products in your cart, then the deposit amount will be 50% of the total cart amount!



Shipping & Delivery


Products in InnoConcept’s webshop are sorted into two shipping groups by their size. There are products which are delivered by courier service and products which are delivered by furniture shipping service. The prices indicated in the webshop are gross consumer prices, shipping rates are not included. Expected shipping cost is indicated on each and every product’s page, furthermore we provide accurate costing during the purchase process. All products can be picked up personally at our showroom in Budapest or at our (same location). We provide free shipping upon purchases over a certain value.


Free Pick-up

InnoConcept showroom & warehouse, H-1033 Budapest, Bogdáni str. 1.

On working days 8:00 – 16:00, other times also possible in the case of prior arrangement.

In the case of personal pick-up, the customer must arrange for the item to be picked up within 5 working days. After 5 days a storage fee of 10.000 HUF/week has to be paid, unless previously agreed otherwise.


Courier service


Shipping within Hungary


  • HUF 3.500 (incl. VAT)

Products of smaller size are delivered by DPD courier service within Hungary, the standard shipping rate is 3.500 HUF (gross) DPD will deliver your parcel on the day after pickup, from Monday to Friday, during working hours, in every city and settlement of Hungary.


Rugs, up to 2×3 m size are delivered by DPD courier service in accordance with the given fees.


The courier only carries items under 50 kgs, items over 50 kgs have unique delivery fees.

In case you order multiple articles the method and price of delivery may change, we will inform you on these changes in the confirmation email.


Products are usually delivered on the first work day following the day of dispatch.


DPD will attempt to deliver the parcel to the addressee twice. If the first delivery attempt was not successful, GLS will attempt to deliver again on the following day. If the second attempt was unsuccessful, DPD will return the parcel to InnoConcept webshop.

Please ensure that you always check that your package is undamaged – in the presence of the courier! – before accepting it. If your package was damaged in transit, a damage assessment form needs to be included in the parcel. In this case or if the package is damaged and there is no damage assessment form attached, you need to contact DPD courier service to file your complaint. Our webshop does not take any responsibility for damage or loss during shipping!

If you have any problem or question, please call our customer service and we will do our best to help you!


In the case of an incorrect delivery address, delivery is impossible, and therefore InnoConcept Ltd. cannot be held responsible. In this case, within 5 working days of being informed of the attempted (but failed) delivery InnoConcept will inform the client of this fact and will ask for the correct address. If the client provides the correct address and asks for a repeated delivery, than that is possible if the following conditions are met: (a) in the case of previous PayPal and bank transfer, if the client transfers the repeated shipping fee with the reply letter (b) in the case of previously choosing ”cash on delivery”, if the client transfers the full price and the price of the two deliveries (shipping fee + repeated shipping fee) via PayPal or bank transfer with the reply letter. Within 5 working days of the required amount (repeated delivery, or full price and the price of two deliveries) being payed in the webshop, the product will be handed over to the courier.


If the client (a) doesn’t react to the notice sent by InnoConcept within 5 working days, or (b) doesn’t ask for the repeated delivery, or (c) doesn’t pay the required amount by the previously mentioned deadline; then after deducting the shipping fee, we will send back the money already payed by the customer as soon as the product arrives, or within 30 days of it. In this case, InnoConcept Ltd. bears no more responsibility towards the customer.


Should there be any complaint, we store the orders for 30 days after fulfillment, meaning for 30 days after handing them over to the courier service. After 30 days the orders and the personal information recorded in them will be deleted from our registry.


Shipping outside of Hungary

In general, we only ship products abroad (and within this only to EU countries) that can be delivered by a DPD carrier. 


Zone Area/Region Delivery time
(business days)
Shipping fee
1 Austria, Slovakia Croatia, Slovenia 1-3 nap EUR 16
2 Germany, Czech Republik, Poland, Romania 2-4 nap EUR 21
2 Belgium, Netherland, Lithuania, 3-6 nap EUR 21
3 Denmark, France, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Italy, Luxembourg , Ireland, 3-6 nap EUR 29
4 Spain, Finnland, Greece*, Portugal, 4-7 nap EUR 44
*Please not that there is an extra charge delivering your items to Crete (5 EUR) and to othe greek island (EUR 13)


Shipping of large products (furniture)


Delivery within Hungary

Large furniture products are delivered within Hungary by InnoConcept’s furniture shipping agent. The shipping fee varies from zone to zone.
1. ZONE: Budapest
  • 15.000 + VAT HUF (HUF 19.050 )
2. ZONE: Pest megye települései
  • 18.000 HUF + VAT (HUF 22.860)
  • zipcodes between 2300 and 9999- from 18.000 to 105.590 HUF + VAT (the exact fee can be seen in the cart after the zipcode information is provided)

InnoConcept will inform the customer of the arrival of the ordered product both via email and on the phone. In the case of home delivery, the customer must make it possible for the product to be delivered within 5 working days. After 5 days a storage fee of 10.000 HUF+ VAT/week has to be paid, unless previously agreed otherwise. In order for the product to be delivered, the full amount stated in the notice must be payed – only after that will InnoConcept start to organize shipping.

The fact that the whole product was delivered undamaged must be verified on the receipt received upon delivery. The customer can change the shipping address, even immediately before shipping, in this case the difference of the shipping fees of the different addresses must be payed.

InnoConcept cannot provide the exact time of the delivery, only the day. Our colleague will inform you of the exact time of his/her arrival as soon as possible. If the customer is not present at the address at the time that was previously agreed upon, the customer must pay for the damages caused by that.

Shipping outside of Hungary

Please ask our colleagues for an offer!


Assembly service

If required, the ordered and shipped furniture can also be assembled by InnoConcept. InnoConcept is not responsible for the damages caused by incorrectly assembling the furniture, therefore we recommend ordering professional assembly service, especially with more complicated furniture pieces.

Assembly fee: 8000 HUF + VAT/hour

Assembly fee will be counted before the delivery. Please inform us of your assembly needs before the arrival of the product.


Right of withdrawal, exercising withdrawal rights


According to this document, you have the right to withdraw your order from innoconcept.hu without offering any explanation within 14 days of the date of receipt of products ordered. The customer has to prove the day of receipt, and must attach this to the withdrawal form.

The rights of withdrawal can not be exercised on order made products and those which need payment in advance.

If you would like to exercise your right of withdrawal, you can give notice by a withdrawal form via email within the previously stated time period. The email address is stated in the Terms and conditions’s Company information. The withdrawal form must include all the order information, the order ID, the product warranty, and the date the order was placed and the receipt. If these are missing, or if for any reason, InnoConcept Ltd. cannot identify the order/customer/product, and whether the withdrawal was in the given time period, then InnoConcept cannot accept the withdrawal form.


Return the ordered product through the post (as certified mail) or using a courier service to our company’s address. The product must be at least as carefully packed as it was when delivered to the customer, and the original documents must be attached. It is important that all costs incurred due to product return must be borne by the Customer! The receipt must be returned as well.


If the item is returned undamaged, in its original packaging and condition, the item’s value will be transferred to the bank account you provided or refunded by post within 30 working days of return date at the latest. Please pay close attention to appropriate usage of product because any damages caused by abuse, misuse have to be refunded by the Customer! If you cannot return the product in complete packaging and undamaged then InnoConcept Ltd. has the right to deduct the cost of the damages.


The customer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal if the product was custom-made, or an advance had to be payed.




Official complaints can be made in writing to the following addresses or via phone.
  • mail: InnoConcept Kft., 1033 Budapest, Bogdáni Ăşt 1.
  • email: [email protected]
  • phone: 0670 9048833 – working days between 10 am and 6 pm


When making a complaint, please give all the order information, including order ID, so that we can identify the problematic order.


Complaints made by phone will be taken at once, and the customer will be informed of our stance in the matter. If the customer is not satisfied with the answers given, the customer must send the complaint in writing. Int hat case we will proceed according to the directions concerning written complaints.


Written complaints are inspected and answered within 5 working days. Our answer will be explained. If you disagree with our answer, you can turn to our supervisory authorities. Our Supervisory authorities are the following:


  • concerning the orders (data entry errors, confirmation) the competent customer protection authority;
  • lack of necessary information or data being provided the competent customer protection authority and the Office of Economic Competition, if the lack of information affected the economic competition (more information on the www.gvh.hu website);
  • concerning electronic advertisements the National Electronic Communications Authority (more information on the www.nhh.hu website);
  • concerning the quality, or warranty rights, information provided to consumers and the managing of complaints the competent customer protection authority;
  • the legality of the content of the Terms and Conditions is overseen by the competent customer protection authority;
  • the sale of silver jewellery is overseen by the Hungarian Trade Licensing Office (more information on the www.mkeh.gov.hu website);


The competent consumer protection authority responsible for overseeing the activities of our company is the Ministry of National Development of the Central-Hungarian Region. More information on the www.nfh.hu website.


Written documents concerning complaints are stored for 3 years.


By purchasing on innoconcept.hu all customers agree that they accept the store’s General Terms and Conditions and they are fully aware of the purchasing process.






This guarantee certificate applies to the products distributed by InnoConcept Kft. (hereinafter referred to as the Company). In order to protect your furniture and accessories, please also read the Instructions for Use and Maintenance * carefully, as well as the advice on proper use recommended in this document. The Company provides a warranty for the period specified next to the product in this guarantee certificate, provided that the product is used as intended, in accordance with the Instructions for Use and Maintenance, and in compliance with them.


The rights deriving from the warranty can be enforced with the guarantee certificate, which cannot be made conditional on the return of the opened packaging of the product by the consumer (Buyer). In the event of failure to make the guarantee certificate available to the Buyer, the conclusion of the contract must be regarded as established if the Buyer presents a proof of payment – an invoice or receipt issued based on the Value Added Tax Act. In this case, the rights deriving from the warranty can be enforced by proof of payment. The Company may also provide the appropriate guarantee certificate to the consumer electronically. An invoice sent to the Buyer electronically can be accepted as a guarantee certificate if its content also complies with the requirements of the relevant regulation regarding the guarantee certificate. The Company is obliged to deliver the guarantee certificate electronically no later than the day following the delivery or installation of the product.


The rights deriving from the warranty may be enforced by the owner of the product if he is a consumer (Buyer). In the event of a defect within the warranty period, if the defect is covered by the warranty, the Buyer may primarily demand repair. It is possible to demand an replacement in justified cases or in other cases specified by law; in case of disproportionate, insignificant error or significant additional cost, full replacement cannot be requested. If these demands cannot be met, you can request a proportionate reduction of the purchase price in the second stage, or (by prior agreement) correction of the defect at the Company’s own expense or have it repaired by someone else. Withdrawal from the contract is possible if the Company or the manufacturer has not undertaken the repair or replacement, or if it is unable to fulfill this obligation in the manner specified by law, or if the Buyer’s interest in repair or replacement has ceased, or if the manufacturer or the Company has not complied with the legal remedy in a manner that is in the best interests of the Buyer. There is no room for withdrawal due to an insignificant defect. Furthermore, the warranty is not affected by the fact that the Company has served the Buyer from its warehouse or from a direct order from the manufacturer.


In connection with the lack of conformity, the Buyer may claim compensation only if the defective product has caused him personal or material damage. In this case, the burden of proof shall be upon the Buyer; both in terms of the extent of the damage and the causal links. In addition, the injured party has duty to mitigate loss: he must do everything in his power to reduce the damage or to prevent or eliminate it.


The Buyer may enforce his claim for repair directly at the Company’s registered office, or at any of its premises, or directly at the repair service indicated by the company on the guarantee certificate. The Buyer can switch from one chosen law to another. He shall pay the costs caused by the switch to the Company, unless the Company has given a reason for the switch, or the switch was otherwise justified. The right holder is obliged to notify the Company of the defect without delay after the discovery of the defect.


In the interest of digital administration, please file a warranty claim at [email protected], with a precise description of the defect and documentation with photos. IMPORTANT! Please note that the defect must be reported to the manufacturer in a credible manner in the documentation, as product liability rests entirely with the manufacturer. Therefore, poor quality photos or images that do not show the size or location of the defect are not suitable for warranty proceedings. In justified cases, our staff will assess the error on site. In all cases, the received request will be examined within 5 working days and the report will be sent within 8 working days. We will send a confirmation of the registration of the received warranty claim to the contact e-mail address provided within a maximum of 5 working days. Failing to do so may be for technical reasons only – no claim has been received – in this case, please make a warranty claim by phone at + 36 70 904-8833 so that our staff can begin to remedy the problem immediately.


In the event of a request for repair, the Company shall send the report digitally to the Buyer. The report includes the date of the first notification of the warranty / repair claim, the cause of the defect, the method of repair, and the expected date of return of the product. If the Company believes that the item cannot be repaired within 8 days, it will declare a replacement or refund of the purchase price with an indication of the expected date. Following the 2nd and 3rd defect claims, during the 4th defect claim, the Buyer is not obliged to accept the repair, and he may make a request for price reduction proportional to the purchase price, repair at the Company’s expense or product replacement.


The goods usually arrive from the manufacturer first at the Company’s logistics site. Prior to delivery to the Buyer, the Company will only check the integrity of the goods if the packaging was damaged during delivery. In such a case, the goods may be unpacked by the Company in its warehouse for quality control and then repackaged – these products are still considered intact. Otherwise, the Company shall not unpack the goods, except when the Buyer explicitly requests it before picking the goods up themselves from the Company’s warehouse. In the latter case, the quality of the items and the complete presence of their parts must be checked by the Buyer before delivery, and he must declare by signing the receipt that he has found the goods to be impeccable and faultless.


Repairs or replacements must be carried out within a reasonable time, in the best interests of the Buyer, considering the characteristics of the product and in the best interest of the Buyer. The Company shall endeavor to make the repair or replacement within a maximum of fifteen days. If the duration of the repair or replacement exceeds fifteen days, the Company shall inform the Buyer of the expected duration of the repair or replacement. The information shall be provided electronically or by any other means suitable for acknowledging receipt by the Buyer. During the repair, only new parts may be installed in the product. The warranty period does not include the part of the repair time during which the Customer is unable to use the product as intended. In the event of replacement (repair) of the product or part of the product, the warranty period begins again for the replaced (repaired) product (part of the product) and for the defect that occurs as a result of the repair. The manufacturer / distributor (Company) shall be charged with the costs related to the fulfillment of the warranty obligation. The warranty does not affect the enforcement of the Buyer’s rights deriving from legislation, in particular the warranty on supplies and products, as well as compensation. In the event of a consumer dispute, the Buyer may also initiate the proceedings of a conciliation body operated by the county (capital) chambers of commerce and industry. If the manufacturer / distributor (Company) fulfills the warranty obligation in a way different from the right the consumer wishes to enforce, the reason for this must be stated in the report. If the manufacturer / distributor (Company) is unable to declare the fulfillment of the consumer’s warranty or guarantee claim at the time of notification, he must notify the Buyer of his position within five working days in a verifiable manner, including the reason for rejection.


The Company is released from the warranty if it proves that the defect is due to improper use and / or scratches, abrasions, natural wear, lack of proper maintenance, accident, incorrect application, improper storage, handling, intentional damage, damage caused by an elemental or natural disaster, damage caused by commercial use, and / or damage caused by a party other than the manufacturer. Furthermore, a defect is not covered by the warranty if the cause of the defect occurred after the delivery of the product to the Buyer, for example if the defect was caused by improper assembly (unless the assembly was performed by the Company or its agent in accordance with the Buyer’s contract). The Company is released from the warranty if the product has been modified, repaired or damaged during improper use (eg. improper cleaning, etc.) by the Buyer or a third party, as well as defects in the Guarantee certificate that the Customer is aware of at the time of purchase and / or buyer received a discount. Showroom models do not qualify as new consumer durables under certain sections of Government Decree 151/2003 and are therefore excluded from the scope of the Decree.


For certain product groups, raw materials, product components, manufacturing processes, industry standards or equivalence schemes (eg. DGM = German Furniture Quality Association) define what constitutes a defect – in which case this must be accepted as the guideline, and if the defect is within these standards or the product has a specific rating, which determines the extent of possible wear and tear given the product is used as intended, the warranty cannot be enforced. In particular:

  • In the case of natural materials, there may be differences in color and pattern (leather, wood) – these materials not only show differences as raw materials, but also “mature” after their production and react differently to different environmental impacts (sunlight, light, humidity temperature) which can also cause changes over time. Do not place furniture in direct sunlight or too close to a heating source. Always keep it at a normal indoor temperature, as humid and / or cold environments can cause damage that cannot be blamed on the manufacturer!
  • Color differences may occur even when the product is delivered – not only when re-ordering – in relation to the sample selected in the showroom, or between individual elements of the furniture. The standards allow for certain tolerances and if the deviation is within the tolerance standards, the color discrepancies do not constitute a valid claim under our warranty. These product-specific characteristics are due to the nature of the product or its manufacturing process, and cannot be influenced by us.
  • Images on websites and catalogs are illustrations, and they depend on the display device, printing process, quality, so they may differ from reality.
  • Glass furniture, glossy surfaces are more susceptible to scratches than matt surfaces, with improper precautions plastic, metal, glass, wood, stone, etc. objects and solvents may leave marks on their surfaces.
  • Liquids, various unsuitable cleaning detergents, greases, oils, etc. can leave marks on open-pore natural materials (leathers, marble, concrete, pickled wood, lacquered surfaces, solid wood, etc.). These patches are not covered by the warranty. In the case of these natural materials, professional and appropriate care for the material is important.
  • In the case of hand-woven and certain machine-made carpets, fluffing and fiber falling is a natural process that will decrease over time (it will not go away completely).
  • In the case of upholstered furniture, especially in the soft comfort versions, the upholstery or leather upholstery does not fit perfectly on the seating furniture and the upholstery adapts to the shape of the body during use. International standards allow a deviation of 30 mm. Tissues and skins will also stretch somewhat during use. Smooth out larger wrinkles by hand, or change the seating location frequently and turn the cushions regularly where possible to ensure even wear during natural wear of the seating furniture.
  • In the case of modular seating or functional furniture elements, there may be comfort differences between the different modules. These differences, deviations in firmness are based on design, do not constitute a complaint.
  • Loss of shape is often experienced due to the filling of pillows and backrests: this is a natural process, they need to be shaken regularly, their filling material needs to be smoothed to reach their original shape.
  • There may be minimal deviations (stains, bubbles, discoloration, etc.) on the surfaces (antiquing, varnishing, glass blowing, sintering) due to manufacturing technology.
  • Up to +/- 3% difference in the size of upholstered furniture may occur depending on the comfort of the upholstery and furniture, and the same tolerance applies to cabinet furniture.
  • In the case of expandable tables, the level difference of the extension according to the standards is max. It can be 1.5-2.5 mm.


If the assessment of the Buyer’s warranty and guarantee claim requires the obtaining of an expert opinion, the expert opinion shall include: Customer’s name, address, Business name and address, Subject of inspection, Inspection fee, Fee payable, Product receipt date, Purchase date, Quality complaint receipt date, Consumer objection, Test methods, Study findings with justification, Information.


The warranty claim can be validated with this guarantee certificate. In the absence of a guarantee certificate, if the Buyer wishes to enforce a warranty claim, the conclusion of the consumer contract shall be deemed proven if the Buyer presents proof of payment of the consideration. This warranty does not affect the consumer’s statutory rights under applicable legislation in the European Union.


151/2003 on the mandatory warranty for certain durable consumer goods in connection with the mandatory warranty for consumer goods. (IX. 22.) contains regulations. The mandatory warranty for durable consumer goods listed in the annex to the government decree is 1-2 or 3 years. The terms and conditions of the mandatory warranty period are valid only in Hungary, in the EU the mandatory warranty period according to the general directive applies. The mandatory warranty period is determined by the actual gross purchase price of the product: 1 year – HUF 10,000 to HUF 100,000, 2 years – between HUF 100,001 and HUF 250,000, 3 years – above HUF 250,000. When ordering, the discounted purchase price is applicable in case of a discount from the purchase price of the product, and the proportional discount for the given product in case of a discount provided for the full order value, unless otherwise stated in the product description on the order form.


Until full payment of the purchase price, the goods remain the property of the Company. If, for any reason, the product nevertheless becomes the property of the Buyer before the full payment of the purchase price, he shall be liable to the Company for all damages for which no one can be ordered to compensate.