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The crown on the bed: headboard

The style of the bed is influenced by many things, but it is mainly the headboard that determines it. Therefore, when looking for a bed, we unintentionally look at the headboard. Only then do you notice the bed frame and feet more closely. Of course, we may not find the perfect combination for our bed.


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Bed and headboard - if we get bored, we can change

This is where we can choose a separate headboard and bed frame, and we make the bed that best fits our vision. This is also useful if you simply get bored of your current bed and if you don't want to replace it, but you want to change it up. The easiest thing to do then is to replace the headboard - just a few screws in and out and you're done!

As for beds and headboards, Danish Bolia and Swedish Furninova also offer countless options for individual headboards. From the sleek, modern style to the classic or extravagant design pieces, everyone can find the right bed and headboard for them.