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Ceiling lamps

Ceiling lamps

Ceiling light fills the room with light

Lighting basically determines the mood of the apartment, so it is worth choosing a light source that expresses our style and adapts to our needs. The ceiling lamp, which is nowadays made from the most diverse materials, in all colors and shapes, fits well into the living room, dining room, and bedroom as well.

Lighting main material

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Classic and modern ceiling lamps

Ceiling lights are an essential part of any home, the only question is whether to choose a modern or classic style piece. Ceiling led lamp, design lamp - the supply is extremely wide. Two Danish manufacturers represent three main line of lighting: Bolia, Globen Lighting and Frandsen. Simple, Scandinavian-style design lamps and ceiling lamps are a perfect match for modern and classic homes. Our range of lamps is complemented by the Danish Normann Copenhagen minimal and the Dutch Zuiver and Dutchbone industrial style lamps. Depending on whether you are using an LED bulb or a conventional bulb, the effect may be quite different.