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Product rental & Photography

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Product rental & Photography

If you’d like to have InnoConcept furniture at film shootings, exhibitions, photoshoots, you are welcome!

How can you rent furniture?

First, choose from the furniture and accessory pieces that we have in stock. If you can’t come in person, we’ll take pictures of the products available in our showroom, and we’ll send these to you via email.
We’ll send an offer based on the products you chose. If possible, we’d love to see the results for reference!

Product rental

For photographing accessories, you’re going to need a letter of commission. We’ll ask you to sign a form, in which you take responsibility for any damages that occur.
If you know what you want, please tell us in advance at +30 5203122 or [email protected]. After taking the pictures, please bring the products back on time, and send a copy of the pictures as well.

Photoshoots and film shooting in the showroom

If you’d like to use the InnoConcept environment (showroom, factory steps, balcony) as a shooting location, please contact us.