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What makes a double bed really good?

We spend much of our lives sleeping. Therefore, it is important to do this in a well-chosen bed for the best possible rest. There are many aspects to consider to make sure you choose the perfect bed. There are two main parameters to adhere to: size (choose the size of bed frame that fits your height) and the right mattress (our weight and health are decisive here). Whether it is a single bed or a double bed, take the time to choose the right piece. There are many variants of double beds you can choose from, each with its advantages. Double beds are usually 160×200 or 180×200 cm, but we also have models that are 200 cm wide and up to 220 cm long.


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Stylish headboard and frame

Both the bed frame and headboard can be solid wood or upholstered - stability and durability are the most important addition of the bed - in both cases you can choose from countless colors and fabrics. Once you have the perfect bed frame, choose the elastic slats. The ideal mattress can be different for everyone: you can choose from different hardnesses, or you can order a one-piece mattress or a two-piece one. The latter increases our feeling of comfort when our partner has other sleeping habits, so that the vibration does not "spread" to the other sleeping surface. In this case, we recommend using a top mattress, also known as a topper, to prevent the inconvenience caused by the gap between the two mattresses. In addition, a double bed with storage, which offers plenty of hidden storage space, is a practical choice.

The Danish Bolia, the Swedish Furninova and the German Hülsta are all available in high quality and high capacity models. From sophisticated double beds to extravagant models, everyone will find something to suit their taste. Bolia and Hülsta have a 5 year warranty on all furniture they sell, including double beds.