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Design bulbs & accessories

Design bulbs & accessories

The heart of the lamp – LED and bulb

When looking for a new lamp, most of the time we focus on the luminaire. At least as important is finding the light bulb that best fits our home, our needs and our style. The generic energy consuming conventional light bulbs are a thing of the past. Instead, there is an extremely wide selection of energy-saving light bulbs – some with a striking appearance. Shapes, colors, different luminous intensities – you would hardly think of the many variations of bulbs that give lamps souls.

Lighting main material

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Just think of how different the same luminaire can be with a white LED bulb or an old-fashioned filament piece! We recommend the former for a simple minimalist style, while the latter is for industrial or art deco-style homes - but most importantly, everyone will find the one that suits their needs and style. Danish Bolia pays attention to the smallest details. We also offer the perfectly matching bulb for any lamp.