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Sofa beds

Sofa beds

Perfect partner day and night: the sofa bed

With the proliferation of multifunctional furniture, the sofa bed is becoming more and more popular. This versatile piece is a standout piece of seating. Whether in classic or modern style, we are sure to find the perfect piece. We offer premium quality products from three Danish manufacturers: Bolia, Theca, and Innovation. A sofa bed is a practical choice for a holiday home or one-room apartment.

Our webshop does not include our full range. We can offer hundreds of sofas in a wide variety of fabrics and leathers, sizes and configurations, and in a variety of price ranges. You can find more information in the downloadable catalogs and in person at the InnoConcept store! Visit our store in person and get the help of our staff.


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Sofa bed for everyday sleep

Sofa beds include models that are more of a guest bed function, but there are countless pieces in our range that are perfect for everyday sleep. From the small armchairs to the full double bed in L and U shapes, all sizes are available. The most important feature of a sofa bed is to provide the same comfort as both a seating and a bed. Most sofa beds are manufactured within the EU, according to the highest standards of production technology, in a sustainable way and using environmentally friendly materials.

Sofa bed with removable cover

In most cases, manufacturers provide a 5-year guarantee on the sofa beds. Innovation's range of sofa beds are available with removable covers for easy cleaning and easy-to-follow trends.