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Wall lamps

Wall lamps

Wall lamp: not only emits light, but also mood

Lighting basically determines the mood of the apartment, so it is worth choosing a light source that expresses our style and adapts to your needs. A wall lamp can be a great all-in-one accessory for the living room, bedroom and office. It can provide enough light for different activities, but it can also serve as a reading lamp or mood lighting.

Lighting main material

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Light the wall!

Design wall lamps can enlighten the mood of an empty wall and play interesting games with light. From simple wall lamps with clean look to a special, extravagant style lamp, you will find the perfect lighting for your home. Two Danish manufacturers represent our main line of lighting: Bolia and Frandsen. Simple, Scandinavian-style design wall lamps are a perfect match for modern and classic homes. Our range of design lamps is complemented by the Danish Normann Copenhagen minimal and the Dutch Zuiver and Dutchbone industrial style lamps. Depending on whether you are using an LED bulb or a conventional bulb, the effect may be quite different.