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More than just a storage: the wardrobe

The wardrobe is a key element of the bedroom furniture. There are countless needs and expectations to meet. What should a wardrobe look like? It should be space-saving, yet spacious enough. It fits our every need and, of course, is stable and durable.

Mirrored wardrobes are beautiful and practical, thanks to the mirror’s increased space and more functionality than a single wardrobe. You can order them with hinge-doors or with a sliding doors, and you can choose a corner wardrobe as well. Two of our German manufacturers, HĂĽlsta and Wiemann, make every piece of bedroom furniture with the guarantee of German quality to meet the highest expectations.


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Customizable wardrobe

It is completely up to you how much of hanging, shelving and drawer unit you need. Our wide range of wardrobes allows you to find the perfect combination for everyone, as most of our models are customizable, both in size and in storage ratio. We can offer both a modern and classic wardrobe - the surfaces can be lacquered, high gloss, or natural wood. The perfect wardrobe is fits to your individual needs in every detail.