Our favourite design sofas with bed function

Our latest sofa bed catalogue with our bestsellers


Do you often receive guests or just want to save on usable space in your home? Maybe you’re thinking of renting an apartment and could use the extra space? Innoconcept has a wide range of sofa beds to choose from, whether you need a sofa that can be used as a bed every day or just an occasional guest bed, a large sofa or a designer sofa that fits in a small space. Check out our latest catalogue and choose from our bestsellers!


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Our bestselling design sofa beds

These models are the most popular with our customers – and for good reason! Premium-designed sofa beds are not only aesthetically pleasing, multifunctional, and easy to use, but they are also extremely durable. These pieces of furniture will certainly not need replacing in 1-2 years, as they are designed to serve their owners for generations.

Gest sofa bed

Gest sofa bed¬†is a sophisticated sofa by day, and a luxuriously comfortable bed by night. A classic lounge sofa, with beautifully crafted details, that features a completely disguised mattress ‚Äď easily extended in a simple movement that anyone can do.


Coast modular sofa beds

The Coast modular sofa collection is a beautiful yet practical model. The sofa can be transformed into a comfortable bed with a few moves. Choose it with many practical extras just as extra storage space, a USB charger port, and a bed function.

das sofa coast move

Cubed sofa and armchair bed collection

Ideal for compact living, Cubed sofa bed folds out into any room, revealing a comfortable bed. Functional two-person sofa bed in a natural Scandinavian design. A version with armrests is also available.


And there are many more models available…

YONATA sofa bed

Yonata is a comfortable, multifunctional sofabed in a minimalist and modern, contemporary design. Provided with detachable covers and a small, elegant black lacquered aluminum leg.

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PURI daybed

Inspired by the minimalist functional interior design of the 1950s, Puri is a simple daybed with detachable covers, matt black steel legs and a design optimised for disassembly.

sofabed folding armchair blog post kanapéágy fotelágy blog

SPLITBACK sofa bed

Splitback‚Äôs uniqueness includes three step back elevation ‚Äď sitting, relaxing, and sleeping ‚Äď serving as a comfortable¬†sofa bed¬†for you and your occasional guests.