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Stylish storage: sideboards

We realize how much we miss when we don’t have one. What is that? Well the sideboard. They may not require much attention, though they are very useful. Cabinets, sideboards and cupboards have plenty of space, are well packed and can be easily opened in a single move.


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Storage in all quantities

A simple dresser, cabinet or sideboard can be a discreet but stylish piece of the living room. They blend perfectly with and complement classic homes and modern spaces. Available in hinged, sliding, or even door-free versions. Chest of drawers, showcases or cabinets can be ordered with high-gloss, natural wood or with veneered doors and drawers.

Danish Bolia conquers Scandinavian minimalism, while German Hülsta conquers functionality. A key feature of our offering is that it combines functionality with design and quality.