Pastel colours? But of course!

The most beautiful colours of 2023


The world of interior design continues to evolve rapidly, with current trends changing not only in shapes and textures but also in colours. At the same time, there are evergreen solutions that never go out of fashion, making them a sustainable yet always modern choice: pastel colours are one such example. In this week’s blog post, we explore the refreshing pastel colour palette for 2023, with its soft and soothing hues that play a central role in creating the mood of any interior. Get inspired by us!


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🌸 Blush Pink Bliss

Blush pink remains a darling in 2023, offering a sense of warmth and elegance to any room. Whether it’s a blush-colored accent wall, furniture piece, or accessories, this versatile hue effortlessly creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

BUBBA lounge chair              •              PINE side table

🍑 Peachy Keen Vibes

Peach tones are making a comeback, infusing spaces with a sense of nostalgia and playfulness. From soft peach walls to decorative accents, this color evokes feelings of comfort and lightness.

💚 Minty Fresh Allure

Mint green emerges as a frontrunner, bringing a refreshing and rejuvenating energy to interiors. Its delicate yet vibrant nature makes it a perfect choice for walls, upholstery, or decorative elements.


GAP flowerpot

💜 Soothing Lavender

Lavender shades invite a sense of calm and relaxation into homes. Whether used in bedroom textiles, bathroom tiles, or even kitchen cabinets, this color trend creates a serene oasis.

🟡 Sunrise Yellow

Radiant and cheerful, shades of sunrise yellow infuse spaces with positivity and vitality. From accent pieces to full wall treatments, this color captures the essence of a bright new day.

Calligaris Landa bedframe // Landa ágykeret

🤍 Feathersoft off-white

White – which is not piercingly cold, but rather almost buttery – is the perfect complementary colour for any interior. Off-white is a colour of soft tones, soft natural light and simplicity.

Combining Pastel Colours

A unique aspect of 2023’s pastel trend is the art of pairing. Combining two or more pastel shades in a single room can create a harmonious and visually captivating environment. Think mint green and blush pink or peach and lavender – the possibilities are endless.


Would you take it to the next level?

Complement your harmonious pastel spaces with plants for the most natural effect!

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